For Incoming Students
What is mechatronics?
mechatronika harmas

"Mechatronics is the synergistic integration of Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering and Computer engineering."

Mechatronics not only links but integrates Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering and Computer engineering. On the front page of Mechatronics, the most well-known journal of this field, the following watchword is drafted: „Science of intelligent machines”. There is no doubt that in the future machines must be able to behave in an intelligent way, in other words, they have to be able to „learn” and react adaptively to changing input signals, conditions and environment.

For whom we suggest to choose the course?

For those who intend to be classical electrical engineers, since for them it is an additional option. For those, who are interested in mechanical engineering since they can complete their knowlegde about designing intelligent machines, which includes applied knowledge of electronics and informatics.

What job offers can you expect after graduation?

In our department we train professionals who can meet the demand of the new requirements for engineers. The demand for them is increasing both in Hungary and in the EU. In Hungary companies like PHILIPS, SONY, AUDI, FORD, TEMIC HUNGARY, VT COMPACT DISC, FLEXTRONICS, SAMSUNG, NOKIA, LG ELECTRONICS, T- COM, SIEMENS, FAULHABER, GE-LIGHTING TUNGSRAM, VIDEOTON HOLDING, SKF, NILE, ABB, HONEYWELL, etc. are waiting for you with promising carreer opportunities.

What are the steps of the Mechatronics curriculum?

The Mechatronics course is introduced in two levels. BSc can be achieved after 3,5 years then you can continue and receive your MSc 2 years later. Those who would like to get a PhD, have to go on for another 3 years.

Who will teach you?

Helpful tutors of the BUTE Mechanical Engineering School, Electrical Engineering School, Transportation Engineering School and the related departments of School of Economic Sciences . Your future professors are dealing with not only education but also research and regular industrial activities. Thus your well up-to-date curriculum is guaranteed.