MSc Education
General information:
  • Credits neccessary for the degree: 120
  • Number of semesters: 4
  • MSc course starts in both semesters
MSc – Introduction of the Mechatronics Engineering course
  • BSc in Mechatronics or:
  • BSc in Mechanical, Electrical, Transportation Engineering, BSc in Mechanical Engineering in Agriculture and Food Industry, BSc in Energetics Engineering, BSc in Engineering in Industrial Product and Shape Desing, BSc in Engineering in Military and Security Technology, BSc in IT Engineering
  • or a college degree with the following conditions:

Natural SciencesElectrical Engineering and ITMechanical Engineering
Mathematics, Physics (heat and fluid dynamics) Electrical Engineering, Electronics, IT, Programming, Sensors and actuators, Systems and Control Engineering, analogue and digital technology, electronic drives technical representation, machine elements, machine structures, machine desing, manufacturing, material science, vehicle technology, Energetics, Robot Technology, Mechatronics, Measurement Technology
min. 20 creditsmin. 20 creditsmin. 20 credits

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Optional MSc Specialization:
  • Automation in manufacturing
  • Optomechatronics
  • Vehicle mechatronics
  • Biomechatronics
  • Robot Technology