Mechatronics Section
mechatronika harmas

Mechatronics Section was founded in 2008. It is a self-motivated student group, anyone can join who feel eough motivation in them to do something for this community, for mechatronics, who likes to organize and/or has above-average skills

The aim of the Section is to point out and compensate the imperfections we experience in our education and complete it with things the university won't or could not provide. On top of all these we would like to provide a legal student organization to vocalize our suggestions towards our department and the university.

Our activity contains mainly the following:

Organizing lectures on topics, fields we are interested in.

Education. We estimate the needs for consultations, organise and hold them.

Projects. Building real-life mechanisms, electronics and robots in a motivated group with the lead of experienced students.

Industrial programs. Visiting factories and laboratories and conferencies.

Further information: Mechatronics Section