• OTKA project supported by National Research, Development and Innovation Office of Hungary
  • János Bolyai Research Scholarship - Hungarian Academy of Sciences
    • Research on lighting design, measurement and evaluation methods with the use of human psychophysics and visual neural signals

      Period: September, 2017 – August, 2020

      Supervisor: Balázs Vince Nagy


      Feedback from human perception and brain activity can provide close indicators on the effects of artificial illumination. Different psychophysical and electrophysiological methods are to be applied to record perceptual responses in order to model and to develop methods of lighting and its evaluation for practical design. The project aims to further develop these measurement methods and their application for lighting design and measurement.

    • Research of Computational Intelligence Algorithms and Models

      Period: September, 2018 – August, 2021

      Supervisor: János Botzheim


      Nature inspired optimization algorithms, such as evolutionary and swarm algorithms, play increasingly significant role in engineering and other applied systems’ modeling control, and in performing decision making and optimization tasks related to them. Such nature inspired algorithms have been proposed since the last two decades, which can help efficiently solve high complexity modeling, control, and optimization tasks. The advantage of these algorithms is their ability to solve and quasi-optimize problems with non-linear, high-dimensional, multi-modal, dynamic, and discontinuous character. Their principles are based on the search for a population of solutions, which tuning is done using mechanisms similar to biological processes. They belong to the Computational Intelligence (CI) research field. CI offers approaches like fuzzy systems, artificial neural networks, and evolutionary algorithms. The most important common features of such solutions are that they aim at acceptably sub-optimal, usually approximate solutions, while keeping the computational complexity (both in the senses of space and time) at a tractable, usually low degree polynomial level. The goal of the research is to improve computational intelligence algorithms and to apply these algorithms to model identification task, furthermore to apply computational intelligence algorithms and models for solving engineering problems mainly related to robotics.

  • VKE
  • EGT

Awards and Achievements
  • 2018 Prof. Dr. habil. György Ábrahám József Nádor emlékérem (József Nándor Medallion)

  • 2016 Prof. Dr. habil. Péter Korondi Magyar Érdemrend tisztikeresztje (Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic, Officer's Cross)

  • 2014 Prof. De. habil györgy Ábrahám Magyar Érdemrend tisztikereszt Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic, Officer's Cross)

  • Prof. József Kövecses

    Centre for Intelligent Machines and Department of Mechanical Engineering, McGill University


  • Alen Hajnal , PhD

    School of Psychology, The University of Southern Mississippi


  • Alon Wolf

    Professor Technion, Haifa, Isreal, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, director Biorobotics and Biomechanics Lab


Most important publications of the Departments
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